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The Jayden DeLuca Foundation recently made a trip to Colorado Children’s Hospital to tour the facility and commit $250,000 to pediatric heart research. We fund a variety of research projects directly through the Colorado Children’s Hospital. Every year we select and monitor specific projects that we believe will provide significant advancements in the survival and livelihood of children with heart conditions. Below is a list of current projects and details.

PROJECT 1- Right Ventricular Score from Echocardiography in Predicting Outcomes in Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension. DETAILS

PROJECT 2-Bioengineering and Pulmonary Hypertension-Impedance. DETAILS

PROJECT 3-Ventricular Vascular Coupling Ratio-DETAILS

PROJECT 4- Mobile Application for Children with PH-DETAILS

PROJECT 5- Determine the Role of Cardiac Lymphatics in Pediatric Heart Failure-DETAILS

PROJECT 6-Find New Combinations of Biomarkers in Pediatric Heart Disease-DETAILS

PROJECT 7-Apply Principles of Bioengineering and Biotechnology to Pediatric Heart Lung Disease- DETAILS

PROJECT 8 4-Dimensional Flow by MRI in Pediatric Pulmonary HypertensionDETAILS


“I wanted to thank you again for your gift. The money has already gone to good use. There was a patient from Idaho with PH that needed oxygen on the airplane and we could not get it funded, so we used Jayden’s fund to pay for it so the family could go home sooner. We have recently sent in 4 different pulmonary hypertension papers to medical journals on different aspects of PH in children.”

- Dr Dunbar Ivy,  The Children's Hospital - Denver, Colorado

“Fifty years ago we would have known her heart was the problem but have not been able to repair it. Fifteen years ago the heart/lung bypass machine was not advanced enough and would have destroyed her kidneys during her surgery. It is only today, with all our medical advancements, that my baby could be ok. The words thankful do not even begin to describe how we feel.”

- Gracen’s Mom